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With those 3 words, needing to say which brand I chose to look at is pointless. They've made a name for themselves. They have built up their brand so much, that we can recognize who they are without having to try very hard.

We know what they stand for, and are trying to sell. It's being athletic, getting fit, having the comfort of their products help drive you to your goals. They have an endless number of commercials and promotions of famous athletes working out wearing their gear, showing how their hard work leads to success, all with the underlying message that by wearing their brand, you can be like them, you can obtain that type of success as well.

As you already know, the brand that I chose to look at was Nike, as a person who is a huge Nike consumer I thought it would be interesting to see what people were saying about them on twitter.

Most of what I found on twitter when I searched "@nike" were people posting photos of shoes, and occasionally, other Nike products and tagging Nike in them. They were talking about new shoes they had gotten, gear that you can get, or new shoes that are releasing.


Looking through the feed I never found anything too negative toward Nike as a company. There was one post, however, that was slightly negative, but they weren't so much irritated with Nike and their products so much as what a specific person was doing and that it just so happened to involve Nike.

However, when I searched "@nikestore" I found a few more negative tweets toward the company. But those all seem to be related to the "SNKRS" app, which is an app run by Nike where people can purchase newly released shoes. I also saw some tweets about issues with shoes ripping, or clothes not being up to par. In every case, Nike replied to the tweets letting them know they were there and more than willing to help them with their problems.


If I were the brand manager at Nike I would respond very well to this, because while scrolling through I saw a lot of promotions and advertisements from other companies about Nike shoes. Which means that we don't have to spend as much on advertising because of how many people are advertising our brand for us. I would also respond well because, even though there are some negative tweets, it is very reassuring that the company is taking the time to reply to the problems and making the people really feel that Nike cares about them, and is taking the initiative to help wrong the rights. All of which creates a very positive outlook on the Nike brand.

I would also respond well to it because with all the people talking about our brand it is further spreading the work about the company, as well as specific styles of our products. People on social media tend to react well when seeing what their friends or favorite athletes/business/celebrities are doing and what they are wearing or using. So when someone logs on to twitter and sees that their favorite athlete just signed on with Nike, their favorite store, or actor are promoting these products, they are going to be more inclined to purchase these items because 1) they seem familiar, 2) they want to feel like they are connected to the person or place promoting it, and 3) they want to seem cool, and up to date with the trends.


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