marketing case study

In 2014 Marcus Harvey bought the rights to the @Portland Instagram handle. His reason for buying it was because he had a strong interest in the "Portland energy" and wanted to convey that in a more "tangible" way. The page has gotten a lot of love over the years and has more than 250,000 followers.

Another thing that Marcus did in 2014 was he listened to all the people asking for Portland Merch to be a thing. So he and a couple of his friends decided it was a good idea and launched the start of the business with 2 shirts, and 2 photos posted to the Instagram page.

(L-R Mack, Marcus and Eli)
They used to just do pop-ups using their VW van, and while they still do pop-ups they have also just recently opened up a storefront in Southwest Portland.

To go along with their store they set up a webpage (which has done extremely well considering they've shipped their gear to almost every state in the US and to 25 countries), as well as another Instagram account just for…

marketing in the news ii

Get there with UberUKUber is a new age taxi service, that started in 2009 and has grown in size ever since. They changed the game by making getting a ride, quite literally, "as easy as a push of a button". They innovated an industry that seemed that it would stay the same forever and used their disruptiveness to their marketing advantage. They provided an easier, more convenient way to get people from point A to point B.

When Uber started they mostly used below the line advertising, as well as relying on the people to spread the word. In February, Uber decided that they wanted to do a "big brand refresh", they wanted to change their image and how the community saw them. With this, they altered their logo and made improvements to their app to make it more user-friendly.

Uber's main focus of its "Get there with Uber" campaign is to go from being seen "as the savior to your night out" to showing the people that there many more reasons to use Uber…

social listening

JUST DO IT. With those 3 words, needing to say which brand I chose to look at is pointless. They've made a name for themselves. They have built up their brand so much, that we can recognize who they are without having to try very hard.
We know what they stand for, and are trying to sell. It's being athletic, getting fit, having the comfort of their products help drive you to your goals. They have an endless number of commercials and promotions of famous athletes working out wearing their gear, showing how their hard work leads to success, all with the underlying message that by wearing their brand, you can be like them, you can obtain that type of success as well.
As you already know, the brand that I chose to look at was Nike, as a person who is a huge Nike consumer I thought it would be interesting to see what people were saying about them on twitter.

Most of what I found on twitter when I searched "@nike" were people posting photos of shoes, and occasionally, othe…

marketing in the news

I went on to and found a post about SNL mocking a marketing meeting for a Cheetos ad. I watched the sketch and read the short article that went along with it. Then I scrolled through Mashable a little more and found another parody ad, this one making fun of Pepsi's Kendall Jenner ad. I watched the clip and read the article for that one as well.

The main point that both of these articles talked about were how advertising is being more "politically motivated". The point being whether or not the companies that are using these serious current events that the world is facing, is to solely sell their products, or if they do actually care and are concerned about the issues at hand.
In the SNL sketch, they touched on immigration, the unity of different races and cultures, and even transgenderism as a way to sell their product. And in the real Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, they try to sell the idea that Pepsi can bring peace and bring people together by using the pr…

about me

I am a business management major and so I enrolled in this course because it is a required class for my major.

One of the things I am most interested in learning is how to analyze consumer behavior and how to best apply that into advertisements.

Something that I enjoy doing outside of class is going on hikes with my dog. I regularly take him to Bald Hill, and when I have more time I like to take him to other hiking spots in the Corvallis area. Below is a photo of my dog Remi on a path at Bald Hill.