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I went on to and found a post about SNL mocking a marketing meeting for a Cheetos ad. I watched the sketch and read the short article that went along with it. Then I scrolled through Mashable a little more and found another parody ad, this one making fun of Pepsi's Kendall Jenner ad. I watched the clip and read the article for that one as well.

The main point that both of these articles talked about were how advertising is being more "politically motivated". The point being whether or not the companies that are using these serious current events that the world is facing, is to solely sell their products, or if they do actually care and are concerned about the issues at hand.

In the SNL sketch, they touched on immigration, the unity of different races and cultures, and even transgenderism as a way to sell their product. And in the real Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, they try to sell the idea that Pepsi can bring peace and bring people together by using the protests as a way to show that.

Cheetos Ad

Pitch Meeting (SNL Cheetos Parody)

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Parody

After watching the videos and reading the corresponding articles it really brought to my attention just how much that the media is incorporating the current issues into their ads as a way to sell their products. I hadn't really noticed it before, but after it being brought to my attention it really is something that is happening. And the question of whether they are doing it just to sell the product or if they are actually concerned about the issues is one that really gets to me, and I would like to hear a very real and honest answer from the companies that do it. The main thing that I took away from this is that marketing now days has to try and focus on ways to make people feel something, to make people connect their product with a feeling of unity or to show in a way that their product "cares" about the same issues as you do. They're selling more than their product they're selling the idea that goes along with it, they're trying to sell a feeling. A feeling that if you buy and use their product you'll somehow be doing good to the world, by buying Pepsi you show you stand for Peace and Equality. By buying Cheetos you show you stand for Unity. Marketers will use anything they can in order to sell something. Which yes, is their job, but is there a line that should be made on what should and shouldn't be used to sell products?


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